Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Thanksgiving Menu

Here are some ideas for Thanksgiving.

 I've included some of my links one is for making homemade pie crust you make ahead of time freeze it and enough to last you a year, the other link is for your turkey preparing it and baking it in the oven or roaster, homemade dinner rolls, and many more links to make your whole Thanksgiving Dinner a success.

I got you covered.

First things first. If your lucky then you make a list an asign people to bring whatever you asigned, now they can bring it the day before or give them an earlier time so you're not stuck waiting for them the item you asked for...

Now don't feel you have to do everything on Thanks you can start preparing certain things the days before or a week before Thanksgiving.

Ok let's talk turkey.

Make sure you thaw out the Turkey in the fridge days before you are actually going to make the Turkey.

Bring out a big pot a turkey can fit into or use your ice chest... 24 hours before baking turkey Fill either one pot or cooler with cold water add salt, fresh crack black pepper, sugar, lemons, and oranges mix well add ice to this mixture, now lay your beautiful turkey in this bath making sure the Turkey is submerged all the way, covering the pot with a lid or closing the coolers lid down. before going to bed add more ice... Turkey needs to stay cold at all times so it doesn't spoil. In the morning pull your bird out drain all the water rinse pat dry set aside. Get you some butter add your spices to the butter combine and rub this butter under the skin and all over the outer skin and bake until done.

The ham if you have a slow cooker perfic use it to cook your ham freeing up your oven.

If your making homemade pies either buy the pie shells or you can make the dough today roll it out... start rolling them out and stacking them placing wax paper in between and take them out when you're ready to use it, or you can roll them out... (this is what I do) place them on pie pans putting a wax paper in between each layer then wrapping them in plastic wrap and freezing them and taking them out when needed. Make pies the day before.

Making homemade rolls follow all the steps to making them once they are baked let them cool, then wrap each one with plastic wrap then place them in a Ziploc bag seal and freeze... then the day before using them take them out to thaw. You can either wet a paper towel just moist enough not soaking wet and wrap your roll and warm it up in the microwave and butter them up and they are ready to eat.

The mashed potatoes peel, rinse, boil until tender do this a week before and freeze, take out the day before you use it boil them for a bit, like 10 minutes.. While the potatoes are warning up in another pot warm up your milk, salt, peper, or whatever you are adding to them... Start smashing them up... Mix all up and they are ready to go.

Veggies can be from can, frozen, or fresh.. Veggies cook fast so you'll do the veggies on thanksgiving.

Stuffing; a week before Thanksgiving, cut up all the veggies and anything you use for your stuffing make it like you normally do mix it up place it in the baking pan you're going to bake it in and place wax paper on the top of it then a foil or plastic wrap it freeze it and bring it out the a day Or two before to defrost in the fridge then bake it on the day you are using it.

Don't forget the drinks and ice or the cranberry sauce.

Don't be shy to ask for any kind of help, especially if the party is in your home have certain guest you feel comfortable asking to help you tidy up.

Another thing I do is tell everyone bring your own Tupperware to take leftovers home.

I hope this helps you out a little. That way you don't feel so overwhelmed and you have time to get ready and spend time with the guest and you won't be so tired.

I think I covered everything.

Thanksgiving menu, so many decisions.

Here are the links;

Here is the link on how to prepare and bake your turkey for thanksgiving.

Here is my link to my mashed potatoes

Here is the link to my turkey gravy

Here is a link to my spicy green beans

Here is a link to bread rolls

Here is a link to my stuffing

Here is a link to my cornbread

Link to homemade dinner rolls

Here is a link to my creamy pumpkin pie

Here is a link to coconut cream pie

Here is a step by step video on making the pie crust, from there you can link to the full recipe.

Here is a link to my moist banana bread loaf

Here is the link to the best banana pudding

Here is a link to my chocolate bundt cake

Here is the link to pineapple upside down bundt cake

Here is a link to German Chocolate Cake

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Here is the link to chocoflan

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Here is a link to my banana bread pudding

Here is a link to my zucchini bread loaf


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